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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Road Blog 1

The weather was beautiful in Minnesota ...until the day I got on the road to head for Chicago. Then the roads became icy, the wind started gusting, thick fog set in, and the snow began falling - hard. Remember that old flying-through-space screensaver? Did you ever turn the speed and number of stars all the way up? Yeah, that's pretty much the view through my windshield on Friday.

Got to Chicago - a little late, but in one piece - and went out for a midnight breakfast with Jon and Danny. Saturday, we saw "Cursed." Bad movie. Bad enough to be really fun; we loved it.

Sunday, I drove 11 hours on I-80 - all the way to New Jersey. Monday, I found out that it can be more tiring to cover 2 blocks of 5th Avenue than 750 miles of I-80 - I went shopping. My sister was visiting NYC from California and wanted to "make the most of it." I got some nice clothes in the process, but if I see another store full of European fashion, I think I'm going to hang myself with a stylish tie.

We met up with my cousin, Addie, too, and hung out in Central Park. Yes, we even did the ultra-touristy horse-drawn carriage ride.

Tuesday, my sister's friend Jalean came down from Connecticut to hang out with us. I drove Jalean back to New Haven last night, Addie's driving back to North Carolina, Sonja flew back to California this morning, and I'm in Stamford, Connecticut. My friend Ryan has an apartment here with, quite possibly, the most comfortable couch in the world.

I'm heading for Portland, Maine tomorrow to see Rebecca, and the weekend will find me at "Casa Sultani" in Boston.


Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:43:00 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

jeebus, karl, at this rate you'll be burnt out before you ever get to ithaca!

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