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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Stepford Student

What the hell happened? In college, I was really good at it. I could pull all-nighters, pump myself full of caffeine and do it - for hours on end - like no other. Now, I seem to have lost my knack for it. Slacking, that is.

I'm taking an evening class at the U of M - an undergraduate-senior-level computer science course - and I'm acing it. That's right, mid-way through the semester, a midterm and two projects behind me, and my grade in the class is 100%. What the hell happened to me? In college, I pulled a solid B-minus average. Now, I just can't seem to do it. Is it the mental stimulation (or lack thereof) of the work environment? Have I been reading too many books? Am I just slipping in my old age?

On a side note, this class has re-kindled my love of Unix & Linux (and I wonder why I'm single...). After yet another Windows-inspired hard-drive reformat, I decided to take the first step away from Microsoft; I've gone Mozilla. The upshot? If either of the people reading this are using Mozilla, you'll notice that I've finally fixed a few bugs in the site; karlos.us is Mozilla-friendly.